Bitter Melon


Bitter Melon Pills


Directions: 30 Vegan Capsules – Take 1 per day.


Bitter Melon is especially rich in vitamin C, which is an important micronutrient involved in disease prevention, bone formation, wound healing and also cancer treatment. This powerful herb is also rich in vitamin A, the key vitamin responsible for healthy skin and vision, as well as folate, which is essential for growth and development.
contains antioxidant compounds that protect cells against damage
reduce blood sugar
stimulates weight loss
decrease cholesterol levels
boost immune system
natural anti-inflammatory and antibiotic

*There have been several conducted research studies and experiments showing that Bitter Melon contains cancer killing properties. The literature regarding its anticancer properties are quite extensive. This herb has shown activity against cancers of the breast, pancreas, prostate, colon, liver, stomach and nasopharynx. Through experiments, Bitter Melon has been found to kill cancer cells in a laboratory dish.
In a 2010 study from Saint Louis University (USA), Bitter Melon extract was effective against human breast cancer cells and primary human mammary epithelial cells. It was able to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells and induce cell death among breast cancer cells. As a result, it has been suggested as a dietary supplement for the prevention of breast cancer.


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